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Baby Girl Newborn Tutus in 6 Different Colors (Fits 0-6 Months)

$ 8.00

Dress up your baby girl in these adorable frilly tutus, made with a triple layer of ultra-soft tulle. Available in a rainbow of colors, these tutus add playful whimsy to any ensemble. At only $5.99 a piece, buy a bunch and she'll be photoshoot ready in no time! Fits 0-6 Months


  • Elastic waist so there is plenty of room to grow.
  • Waist stretches from 10 inches to 14 inches
  • Tutu length is 7 inches and can be easily trimmed to fit
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Imported

Looking for photoshoot ideas? Here are a few from our friends:

Dress her up like a little ballerina in our white baby tutu, add a crochet crown and ballet slippers, and set her against a dreamy pink backdrop.

White Baby Tutu | RockaBye Babe

The Turquoise Baby Tutu is perfect for an "under-the-sea" adventure. Grab a few conch shells as props and lay her in a giant clam (if you can borrow one!).

Turquoise Newborn Baby Tutu | RockaBye Babe

Glam her up in a Hot Pink Baby Tutu and pearls, prop against a stark white backdrop and let that cute little smile speak for itself.

Hot Pink Newborn Baby Tutu | RockaBye Babe

Want a little bit more texture? Try layering tutus, like this purple and white tutu combo.

Purple Baby Tutu | RockaBye Babe

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